My Violin Teacher Quit Me by Lia Murty

My Violin Teacher Quit Me: A Memoir by Lia Murty


A sassy, humorous account of life experiences from Lia Murty, My Violin Teacher Quit Me: A Memoir, will have you giggling to gaping in shock at the honesty.  More importantly, you very possibly will feel like giving a rebel yell and shouting, “Yeehaw! I am not the only one.”  If you have ever felt like there was something more – something you just couldn’t put your finger on, but deep down knew it was out there for you then Murty’s memoir is a book you should pick up and read.  Mind you, the writing jumps around at times and the concepts or topics even within paragraphs are scattered and chaotic now and again.  Yet, even though you might hear the funny use of “Squirrel!” in your mind, you don’t really get lost because there is a structure to Lia Murty’s chaos.

If you are willing to read about bathroom episodes, IUDs, being skinny, being fat, postpartum, and how “life is too short to be too serious,” then Lia Murty’s, My Violin Teacher Quit Me: A Memoir, may keep your attention from start to finish.  We all have interesting lives if we take the time to look at them.  Murty has offered you an opportunity to sit alongside her as she reflects back on a number of her experiences.  Her memoir almost made me feel as though we were going through her diary entries over the years.  Sometimes the stories jump back a number of years, but no matter where she takes you in her life you will feel her sometimes-flippant attitude as well as her innate humor.  Let your guard down and open to your inner comic so that you, too, can relate and giggle your way through to the last page.

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