Mystic Village by J.D. Fortier


mysticMystic Village by J.D. Fortier is a young adult fantasy that is based in eighteenth century Ireland. The tale opens up by introducing the two main characters, Garth and Ariel, who live in a stone house in an Irish village. Ariel is reading to their children, Bree and Peter, by the fireplace, and it appears to be a typical cozy evening. The mystery begins when Garth is suddenly overcome with a feeling of urgency to venture out into the cold, winter weather and walk to the village. Once there, Garth crosses paths with a mysterious figure lurking in the shadows. He dismisses the thought of who, or what, it could be, and immediately heads to speak with his friend, Thomas.

Mystic Village is the perfect story for anyone who has ever been interested in, or curious about the mythical folklore of Ireland. Fortier clearly did a lot of research for this book, and that is evident in how the story stays true to the landscape and history of Ireland. The author did an excellent job implementing the Irish dialect into the characters’ speech, and readers will be sure to notice the accent written into the characters’ dialogues. While reading this adventurous tale, the audience will be transported into the storyline through the characters mysterious and magical lives, which the author describes with careful detail. At times, however, it felt as though the author put a little too much emphasis on minor details that were not extremely significant, causing the story to move a bit slowly in some places. Mystic Village is written for young readers that are looking for a fun filled reading adventure. This tale will be sure to entertain its audience with Irish mythology, while educating readers on the history and folklore of Irish culture.

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