Mything Children Adventures: Without A Trace by Jim Fraiser

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In the first novel of the Mything Children Adventures series, we follow three preteens named Paul, Rivers, and Chris who embark on a camping escapade with Paul’s dad off the Natchez Trace in the thick forests of Mississippi. Without A Trace takes young readers on quite the wild ride as they follow along with these three friends who explore the old 19th century roadway that connects Choctaw and Chickasaw country. As they hear stories of wayward travelers, renegades, and pirates, they’re shocked to discover magical and fearsome creatures in the flesh. These beasts come straight out of Native American folklore, including everything from a spider god to a massive horned owl. Complete with well done black-and-white illustrations by Phyllis Schwabacher, this is a great chapter book for younger readers who are ready to start tackling larger books.

Without A Trace moves at a fast pace that is sure to keep children’s interest as they follow along the astounding and unbelievable camping adventure that Paul, Rivers, and Chris find themselves on. The reader will be able to learn about some of the mythical creatures the preteens come to meet, as well as discover stories of real Native American history and the layout of the countryside in rural Mississippi. Overall, this is an exciting start to a promising new series that kids are sure to enjoy.

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