Naked Angels by Vincent Arthurs

Vincent Arthurs’ memoir Naked Angels is a poignant and honest description of what it is like to lose half of yourself– half of your soul, half of your will to live, half of your life, half of your twinship. When Vince’s twin brother Victor commits suicide, Vince is left floating in a sea of loneliness, confusion, and utter isolation. The very foundation of everything that he has spent his life believing and loving, is suddenly gone. Vince’s journey through recovery and acceptance is one that everyone can relate to in some way, shape, or form. While his individual struggle with the loss of a twin is special to him alone, it can most certainly be likened to the loss of a beloved partner or parent. It is impossible to go through life without loss and Vince’s story provides the hope that there can be life and happiness beyond that loss, no matter how extreme.

Vince’s journey is both devastating and motivating. His pain is so deep and so irreversible that it is difficult not to be moved by his admissions. While his journey is not easy, it is unavoidable and acts as an opportunity for personal growth. It becomes a chance for Vince to achieve his own independence and recognize a life where he is truly his own person. Naked Angels is hopefully just one of the first steps in Vincent Arthurs’ recovery and acceptance of his brother’s death. Hopefully it will also be an opportunity for Vince to bring more light and research to the causes and treatment for mental illness, especially as they pertain to twinship.

Naked Angels will be released in September 2014, by Dorrance Publishing.