Nine Ways to Empower Tweens with Emma and Elliot by Kathleen Boucher 


Nine Ways to Empower Tweens with Emma and Elliot by Kathleen Boucher is an empowering and helpful book that aids young adults to grow their self-confidence and learn about how to interact with others out in this big wide world in which we live. It teaches important morals such as urging kids not to be afraid to try something new in fear of making a mistake. This book gives young adults the tools necessary for them to reach outside of their comfort zones in order to succeed in life. Separated into nine different chapters, including: how to speak confidently, start each day with gratitude, using vision boards big and small, how to get rid of anger and frustration, learning about time and focus, the importance of work ethic, first impressions and interviews, self-talk matters, and start each day with love in your heart, Boucher presents all of the different trials and tribulations that young people have to overcome in order to succeed.

In this book, Emma and Elliot are the guides through each of the nine topics that the author covers, giving their own life examples in order to display how these issues can affect one’s self esteem. Another thing that is nice about this book is the fact that Emma and Elliot have differences that allow readers to relate to one of them over the other, or at least to have two different examples to compare themselves to. For example, Elliot dreams in black and white while Emma dreams in color. The fun and colorful illustrations help accentuate the text, which is organized in easy to follow lists, paragraphs, and even questions that cause the reader to reflect upon themselves. All in all, this is a helpful and inspiring book for young adults to use to improve their outlook on life.