No Easy Choices by Litisha Turner


choicesLitisha Turner always wanted to be a mother. In a crisp and straight-forward memoir entitled No Easy Choices, Litisha Turner outlines her life as it relates to her struggle with infertility and the many choices surrounding the hardships that follow such a medical state. Play by play, readers are introduced to Turner’s personal affairs and her sometimes tumultuous relationships with men alongside of doctor’s visits and medical diagnoses. Turner holds nothing back as she explains her journey and all of the darker hiccups along the way, including enduring an abortion, a divorce, and single motherhood. The memoir reads as an intimate journal, with Turner allowing readers a bird’s eye view into the thoughts behind her motions and the inspirations behind her actions. Ultimately the novel embodies a hopeful representation of a woman determined to have a child and unwilling to accept no for an answer.

Turner’s book is subtitled A Story of Perseverance, and readers, while making their way through the story, may identify with that struggle more than an author would care for given its rougher texture and unfinished diction. In the reverse, some readers may find the style of writing easy to access and therefore more richly rewarding in its relatability. Readers may also find perturbing the rather upsetting lack of focus on the son whom Litisha bore before her discovery that she was infertile and her consequent quest to bear another child. Regardless, Turner’s novel illuminates one woman’s struggle against her own body, and her unflagging and inspirational hope in its eventual production of what she wanted most: another child to love and hold.

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