No Greater Freedom by Tom Edwards

four stars

freedomNo Greater Freedom is set in South and Eastern Africa as well as in various islands off the coast of mainland Asia. Detective Steve Konig joins an investigation after weapons have been discovered in a variety of townships around Natal. Rumors are circulating that the nation of Zulu plans to separate from the Republic and become their own independent country. While Steve begins his own investigation into the matter, another detective, Francis Mackenzie, is on a mission to figure out how an illegal poaching operation near Kenya is functioning. Soon the two detectives will cross paths, merging the separate storylines together. While all of this is happening, Pat Ellis, a minister in the government department of Internal Security terrorizes the women around him while forcing his plan of corruption forward. It’s not long before all of the various plot points merge, creating a thrilling and dangerous tale of power, politics, and personal agendas.

Since there are so many different threads that make up the narrative of this book, it is clear that Edwards is a talented writer who was able to successfully plot out multiple storylines, merging them together as the pages go on in an exciting, and well-thought out manner. The author uses very descriptive language to the point where the reader can clearly envision what is happening as if they were watching the unfolding scene play out before them as if it were in a movie. No Greater Freedom is an interesting story that holds the reader’s attention until the bitter end, and it certainly makes readers wonder if there will be more from these larger-than-life characters in the future. The many personalities featured in the book are all rather distinct, which helps the reader keep sorted who as who, as its certainly a complex book with many things going on at once.

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