No School For Ben by Daphne Pang

No School For Ben: What Will Happen? by Daphne Pang is a story of a six year old boy named Ben who decides one day that he doesn’t want to go to school. The story starts off explaining how Ben usually gets ready for school each day with his parents. They eat breakfast together, and then Ben goes to wait at the bus stop with the other children so that he can ride the yellow bus to school. Once at school, his teacher Christine leads the class in learning exercises. Once Ben’s daily school ritual is introduced, the story then takes a different turn, as one day Ben wakes up and decides he doesn’t want to go to school anymore. He is not sick; rather, he just decides that school is no longer necessary for him, as he already knows his numbers and ABCs. He feels that he is not needed at school, or so he tells his mom. His mom then explains to him what would happen if Ben decided to not go to school, the other children might join him, leaving an empty bus, and an empty classroom. All of the parents would have to stay home to watch their kids, and no one would go to work. Ben then realizes that he is an important part of his school, and happily agrees, after his mother’s convincing, that each day at school can be a good one.

This is a cute children’s book that teaches an important lesson to children who may want to skip school for no real reason at all. The story Pang has written is an entertaining one, and the illustrations by Dwain Esper are of a high quality that match the written descriptions perfectly. This book would be a great story for any child, as its bright colors and well written tale both delight, and offer a moral at the end. Everyone is needed, everyone is special.

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