Now That I Think About It by Kerry Freeman


freemanThe Life and Adventures of Kerry Freeman: Now That I Think About It! The Story of a Lifetime or Two, written by none other than Kerry Freeman, reads somewhat like a series of diary entries. Freeman kicks off the book with his moment of birth, but quickly jumps to his earliest memories when he would have been approximately four years old. Readers will soon learn that Freeman was filled with a lot of anger from his early childhood years on. He speeds through his childhood years and begins sharing experiences from his life as an adult. As Freeman states near the end of the book, Now That I Think About It, is “a reenactment of [Kerry Freeman’s] life as [he remembers] it.” He, also, offers readers the opportunity to email him questions if they have any.

Though Kerry Freeman’s book, Now That I Think About It, might very well be interesting to his children, grandchildren and other descendants in the future, there is little to nothing to entice the general reader to keep turning pages. The storyline jumps to and fro, which can lead to confusion, and there is little depth to any of the experiences or events shared. As Freeman skims so quickly over various life events and occurences, he has left out the opportunity for readers to truly gain insight into the why and the how of the various moments let alone the other individuals mentioned in the book. The sharing at the end of the book of where all Kerry Freeman has been could be interesting if he had shared in depth stories and details about those places and what happened there. For Freeman’s Now That I Think About It to inspire those outside of his family and own circle it needs more of what the cover expresses – “honor, ambition, adventure, accomplishment, caring, contentment, comfort, honor and good fortune.”

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