Obscuring the O by Suzanne Keslar


In Suzanne Keslar’s Obscuring the O, the three O’Malley kids are New York’s very own Kardashian-like family. They spend money, they start drama, they look perfect, they live extravagantly, and they party. However, when the family becomes embroiled in some drug trafficking charges, the O’Malley’s are put into protective custody and moved out of the city. For the youngest daughter, Darby, it is the end of the world as she knows it– less shopping, no partying, and lots of whatever happens when you live on a farm. However, for Tiernan, life out of the spotlight while living in the suburban New Jersey apartment of her bodyguard, Robert Archer, is a breath of fresh air. It is a chance for her to actually be herself instead of the person that the media thinks she is and portrays her as to the world. It also affords her a much needed opportunity to struggle with her growing secret– an unborn baby. Keslar’s characters are beautifully written, far more than page deep and they will have you wanting to read just one more chapter before bed.

Obscuring the O is about far more than privilege and money. It is about making the life you want for yourself by making yourself into the person that you want to be. It is also about family and proving the old saying that we cannot choose our family wrong. Tiernan O’Malley and Robert Archer both appear to be living their dream lives, while on the inside they are longing for something different. Taking a chance and acting out of character may be scary and lead you in unexpected directions, but sometimes it is the only way to get on the road that you want.