Odie the Stray Kitten by Kristen Mott

Odie the Stray Kitten is a cute little book about a young orange kitten named Odie who loses his way from his mother and ends up alone outside in the cold during the middle of winter.  Eventually, he makes his way to a nearby barn where he finds two horses. Odie quickly falls asleep in the warm barn and when he awakes, he finds a nice girl who has another cat with her who is named Bandit. The girl gives Odie some food and takes him to the veterinarian to make sure that he is healthy. Odie is happy now that he is comfortable and in the care of someone who loves him. The girl decides to keep Odie and give him a forever home with her, her horses, and her cat Bandit. Odie and Bandit quickly become good friends as Odie grows into a bigger cat. Odie and Bandit stay in the warm garage during the winter, but once spring comes they venture outside to play in the grass. Odie is so happy that he found a loving home.

Kristen Mott tells the story of Odie in a straightforward and endearing way. Odie, as well as the other animal friends that are included within the book are based off of her own animals, and the affection the author has for them is evident from the story that she has written. Children who love cats will enjoy this story, as the text is paired with beautiful full colored illustrations by Lowell Hilderbrandt that fit perfectly with the narrative on the page. The small images of Odie and Bandit that are included on each page of text are a nice touch that adds to the high quality of this children’s book. All in all, this is an excellent little book that any child will love.

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