Omerta: Mafia Code of Silence by Rona Newton and Mark Bierman

Omerta: Mafia Code of Silence by Rona Newton and Mark Biermann


51xvRuqc9tL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Omerta follows the adventures and intrigue of Marko Bennett, a young, handsome man who grew up lavishly as the only son of a LAPD official with Mafia connections. After over two years serving in the Special Services in Afghanistan, Marko returns to Los Angeles with a hardened mentality that comes in handy as he moves through the ranks of the local organized crime and drug market. While making a name for himself on the black market lifting high end cars, Marko also developed a life-long love of NASCAR driving. Marko’s escapades lead him all around the world and to some of the most infamous parties where he is always surrounded by piles of money, beautiful women, and flowing drinks as he takes on the more responsibility in the Mafia. Against all odds and by cheating death, Marko rises to the ultimate power while also falling for the passionate woman of his dreams.

The drama and action in Omerta is always at the highest level and the authors expertly weave the plot through the ensemble of characters in a way that heightens the adventure, romance, and scheming necessary in a Mafia family. Many of the characters fall into stereotypical gender roles where the Mafia men are hard, violent men and the women are either young and beautiful or superb cooks and dutiful housewives. Marko is also an unlikable hero who is not actually that heroic. He shows no remorse for the chaos, death, and destruction left in his wake and can never be caught because of the intricate web of connections protecting him. His love for Georgia redeems him only slightly but his wandering eye undermines any salvation she offers him. Overall, this is an exciting read filled with fast car chases, lavish clubs, and Mafia dynamics that is perfect for fans of organized crime thrillers.

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