On A Sea of Lies by Sean Richards

four stars

seaThe first book in a planned series, On A Sea of Lies by Sean Richards tells the story of an inquisitive Air Force scientist by the name of Ken Davenport. The story begins when a commercial airline goes missing off the east coast of the United States for no explainable reason. The infamous Bermuda Triangle is not on the list of included searching places, which Ken cannot understand, especially since so many strange things have happened in the region. Taking matters into his own hands, Ken decides to try and find answers himself, heading to the Bermuda Triangle with a companion whose wife and daughter are missing. Drew Pearson joins Ken on his mission as they embark on a perilous journey to one of the most dangerous places on Earth, and what they find is far more grim than what they ever could have imagined. It’s not long before the two men are uncovering secrets and brutal regimes, causing their very lives to hang in the balance.

Coming in at nearly 600 pages, this is by no means a short book, but the thrilling pace at which Richards has plotted his story makes the narrative go by quickly, as twists and turns abound on nearly every page. With two multifaceted main characters who readers are sure to root for, this suspenseful novel uses the mysterious folklore behind the Bermuda Triangle to craft an interesting tale about secrets and intrigue. While at times the plot does get a bit heavy, and it likely could have been shortened to streamline the fascinating suspense that is often present, overall On A Sea of Lives is a promising start to what is sure to be a great series.

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