On the Balcony: Rapture and Ruptures by Jerome Jewell


jeromeOn the Balcony: Rapture and Ruptures offers a unique window into the core of one man’s personal and enlightening journey through modern life. Jerome Jewell provides a kaleidoscope of interwoven autobiographical story clips that each provide a pearl of straight-forward and thoughtful wisdom. Looking at the world through the dreamy lens of profound reflection, Jewell takes note of life lessons that could be gleaned from situations throughout his experience and offers them back to his readers with a sense of refreshing clarity and humor. Situations described range from trivial daily frustrations to Jewell’s massive move from Virginia to Denver, Colorado. Each chapter is named for its particular idea and is brief in nature, making the transition from topic to topic feel natural and easy.

Jewell’s work is thought-provoking, to say the least. While most of the nuggets of his wisdom reside in simple ideas such as the importance of implementing true customer service and the importance of respecting elders, they are presented in such a way as to feel new and contemplative. The brevity of his chapters keeps readers willingly engaged rather than tediously reading, and the assortment of subject matters proffered draws attention from business owners and home makers alike. On the Balcony is really a genre of its own, as it pieces together threads from Jewell’s life to not necessarily make a story but rather a meditative and informative piece. The length, in this case, may turn some readers off, and it is perhaps best enjoyed in small mouthfuls rather than in one huge gulp. The language is clear and precisely constructed, making the pearls of wisdom all the more accessible and pleasing to gather. Jewell’s piece is, if the pun can be forgiven, a quiet jewel.

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