On The Monster’s Back by Robert D. Lamson


monsterOn The Monster’s Back is the incredible true story of Souren Barkev Tashjian’s life. Robert D. Lamson adapted the autobiographical writings of his great-uncle into this more cohesive story of history, courage, and love. At nineteen years old Souren is sent down a path of survival, which will require all of his wit, courage, and resilience in the era of genocide around the time of World War I in Turkey. Having to escape capture more than once, Souren’s bravest move may have been falling in love during this tumultuous time. This thrilling true story of the Armenian Genocide through a survivor’s eyes will envelop readers in one man’s journey, while also informing them on this too often overlooked historical event.

Robert D. Lamson has delivered an epic tale of survival during the time of the Armenian Genocide in WWI-era Turkey. Lamsonhas flawlessly adapted the auto-biographical stories of Souren Barkev Tashjian into third person prose with additional historical context, and contextually relevant characters Souren had not originally written about. This epic tale intertwines historical facts with exciting stories of evading capture, survival, and love. Covering stories over the course of Souren’s lifetime, the author delivers a well-written story with moments that almost seem unbelievable. This incredible true story will draw in readers as they follow along with Souren’s life from a young boy to a wise man and in the process learn more about the Armenian Genocide.

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