On the Road to Find Out by Jamie Sloan

four stars

On the Road to Find Out is a traveling memoir that follows author Jamie Sloan as she journeys around the world in the search to find herself. The narrative beings in 1998, when Jamie “Jaz” Sloan finds herself at a point in her life where she feels the need to explore and find out what will really wants. At the age of twenty-seven she decides she wants to leave the comfort and safety of America to venture out into the world and discover places unknown. She boards a plane with a ticket to travel the globe, and finds herself in various places in all sorts of different countries. From jungles in Nepal, to the beaches of Greece, to crazy nightlife in Australia, to the Irish countryside, Jamie experiences a great deal she never imagined she would, meeting new people and learning about her identity along the way. Throughout the narrative Jamie often wonders about how and when she will be getting home, and how changed she will be when she finally arrives back there.

Something that makes On the Road to Find Out so special is how Sloan recounts her experiences and the locations she visited in such a realistic and honest way. The reader learns just as she does, and truly feels as if they are also immersed in the different cultures and places that the author visited throughout her adventure. The travel memoir is unpredictable in many ways, so it keeps the reader’s interest, as they want to find out what happens next, or where Jamie will end up next. A coming of age story for a woman in her late twenties that many are sure to relate with, On the Road to Find Out is a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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