On the Road to Where the Bell Tolls by M.J. Williams


mj williamsOn the Road to Where the Bells Toll is a mystery novel where a family, mainly the grandparents Emily and Stan, try to solve a case that involves an apparent suicide. Stan and Emily are spending time with their daughter Megan, her husband Phillip, and their granddaughters Wynter, Allyn, and Annabel when a friend of their daughter asks them to look into her husband’s death. Though his death seems to be a cut-and-dry suicide to the local police, the woman is convinced that her husband would not have killed himself. It is the second death in a short period of time that seems suspicious, causing the family to believe there is more going on than there originally appeared to be.

The book focuses quite a bit on the interaction between the three generations of Emily and Stan’s family, and portrays them as a very wholesome group. The problem is it seems a little unrealistic that there is so little dysfunction in the family dynamic. The biggest quarrel any of them have are the minor spats between the two youngest grandchildren. It also seems a bit of a stretch of the imagination for members of the same family to discover multiple dead bodies and to then take it upon themselves to investigate the possible murders of them. Despite these drawbacks, On the Road to Where the Bells Toll is an engaging read, with lots of attention to detail and interesting historical facts peppered throughout. The conclusion could have been a bit stronger, but overall the reader is left feeling quite satisfied by the end of the book.

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