One Man In Ten Million by Ronald Powers 

f‘One Man In Ten Million’ by Ronald Powers is the account of his father’s life-altering experience battling enemy troops across Europe during the course of World War II.  Richard Powers was only a high school senior from rural Pennsylvania when Japanese bombers attacked our country’s troops at Pearl Harbor.  Without a second thought, Richard and his fellow classmates decided to volunteer to join the U.S. Army, knowing that in order to respond to growing threats overseas, a great many men would be required to give up their ordinary civilian lives and set out to confront the enemy in Europe.  After completing his training, Richard disembarks for Europe alongside America’s most promising young soldiers, where they soon realize just how devastating war can truly be.

Here’s a sobering fact that readers might be surprised to learn: more of our soldiers were killed by exhaustion, hunger, and exposure to the elements than by enemy forces throughout World War II.  This true tale illuminates the many hardships and horrors that young American soldiers – once called ‘The Greatest Generation’ – encountered during their tour abroad in World War II.  Furthermore, Powers’ first novel is a heart-breaking testament to his father’s love and loyalty to his country.  Written entirely from his father’s perspective, Powers describes the numerous sources of trauma, both physical and psychological, that ailed his father and his brethren as they fought to put an end to the threat of Nazism in Europe.  It is apparent from page 1 that Powers has put a great deal of heart and research into this retelling of his father’s story.  He discusses military exercises and tactical planning with ease, which adds to the overall somberness and realism of the tale. One Man In Ten Million’ speaks truth with every word, serving as a reminder of the many sacrifices our soldiers made during World War II and ensuring that their legacy is not soon forgotten.

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