Part of Me by Deanna Kahler

four stars

partA young love story like no other, Deanna Kahler’s Part of Me takes readers on a journey beyond the bounds of the physical world. High school senior, Chase tries to live a normal teenage life: have a girlfriend, go on his senior trip, prepare for college. Yet his deep-seated feeling of something missing in his life keeps pushing him to discover what he really wants and who he really is. On his senior trip to the beach, he finally makes an appointment with a psychic and begins to come face-to-face with his future and his past. This experience leads him to work with a past-life regression therapist back home in Detroit. After practical research and a number of regression sessions, Chase finally discovers what he was missing all along.

Part of Me is a fantastic story based on metaphysical and transpersonal principles. Deanna Kahler does a great job expressing the typical reaction of Chase’s teenage friends to the idea of psychics or past life experiences. She shows the deep importance of having a dear close confidant, and how that can make dramatic differences in a person’s life. Kahler also paints a clear picture of the value in opening to new possibilities, ones that can’t easily be explained or understood. The only drawback within Part of Me is in the description of Panama City, Florida. From the description of the city and the beach, it seems clear that the author has not spent any time in Panama City Beach or in downtown Panama City, Florida. Better research and more accurate descriptions of the area would offer more validity to the story. However, the overall plot is intriguing enough to allow for such oversight. Deanna Kahler’s Part of Me is a highly entertaining and mind-opening read for young adults.

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