Path of the Avenger by Bob Giel

★★★★★  A classic Western, Path of the Avenger tells the tale of Cope Worley, a former town marshal, as he seeks revenge on the man who killed his beloved wife, E.J., in a fatal bank robbery. The story follows Cope and the four criminals involved in the robbery as they travel their separate paths through the small towns of Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. Filled to the brim with shoot-outs and no-good-cowboys (along with a couple of good samaritans for the perfect mix), Path of the Avenger never disappoints. The main criminal, Cholla, represents everything you could hate in a human, all whilst coming across as a well-mannered gentleman. His antics and murders keep the reader wanting more as Worley does what he can to track him down. Every page presents a new conflict you can be sure Cope Worley can work himself out of – just how is the question.

Declaring Path of the Avenger a page-turner is an understatement of great proportions. Giel does an incredible job of portraying realistic characters that draw you into this riveting Western. The familiar elements add comfort to the chase, with whiskey shots and Colt revolvers making the rounds through the pages. The plot line keeps a steady, fast pace which carries the reader on an unrelenting journey where justice is served, if not by legal standards, then at least by moral standards. Through vivid language, Giel places you right at the center of every situation the characters encounter. Pick this book up immediately—you won’t be able to set it down.