Pathways by Madelyn Edelson and Dency Kane


pathways-coverA coffee table book full of stunning landscape imagery that is paired with inspiring poems that focus on the pathways of life, poet Madelyn Edelson and photographer Dency Kane have created an impressive showcase of their talents. With the poems in the book interpreting the different pathways we face, whether that be the decisions before us, or the choices we’ve already left behind, the lyrical prose ponders on all of the possibilities. The words that construct each piece often focus on the natural elements of our world, as we face the stone, dirt, foliage, sun, and water that we may find along our way. Still, there are also manmade elements on the paths we find, and Edelson weaves those into her writing as well. When snow is mentioned in a poem like Retouched it is paired with a wintry wooded landscape expertly captured by Kane. When a kayak cuts through a watery passage in the poem The Gateway Kane’s imagery of a atmospheric hazy lake glows beside it.

What makes this book so special is how well the poems and images complement one another. The words and photography go hand in hand, always allowing each to shine on their own, while further bringing out what makes each piece special at the same time. The poetry and imagery featured here allow the reader to relax as they ponder on the meanings of our journeys, and what must be done to forge on into the unknown, especially when we have to embark on paths we are unsure of. This book is sure to bring peace and joy to both poetry and photography lovers alike.