Pegasus: A Dragon’s Tale by Gina Lobiondo

four stars

pegAn illustrated children’s book, Pegasus: A Dragon’s Tale written by Gina Lobiondo and illustrated by Stephanie Zuppo follows the adventures of two young bears who just happen to be a prince and princess, named Dayshawn and Kameela. One day when they are playing, they find an egg and decide to take it home to see if it will eventually hatch. After some time passes, the egg hatches to reveal a baby dragon that Kameela decides to name Pegasus. Years pass by quickly and soon the baby dragon grows to be very large, so the cub’s father, the King, tells them that they must set Pegasus free. Even though Dayshawn and Kameela don’t want to let their dragon friend go, they decide to listen to their father. Even more years pass and the cubs grow up, yet neither of them have forgotten about Pegasus. Eventually the peaceful time ends as a neighboring kingdom declares war on the cub’s homeland, leading to the prince and princess’ capture. Just when things are looking grim, a large dragon swoops in, but will he remember the cubs who saved him and helped him grow? You’ll have to read the story to find out what becomes of this trio of unlikely companions!

This is an entertaining short story that is perfect for children who are ready to read longer books, but aren’t quite ready to leave colorful illustrations behind. It can easily be read in one sitting. The narrative is engaging because it moves quickly, and it’s fun to be able to watch both the bears and the dragon grow up. The illustrations are very well done and bring the story to life in vibrant hues. While the morals of the story may not be clearly spelled out like they are in many children’s book, there is still a lot to learn from how Dayshawn and Kameela care for Pegasus, only to be rewarded with help when they need it most. This is a great children’s book for any kid who likes animals, medieval stories, or tales about royalty.

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