Pigeon Blood Red by Ed Duncan

four stars

pigeonPigeon Blood Red by Ed Duncan details the story of numerous characters and their various levels of involvement with the theft of and adventures with a necklace with multiple pigeon-blood red rubies within. As the novel begins, readers are thrown into the stories of two men, Jerry and Rico, as they discover that something has been stolen from them during their time as entrusted transporters of the mysterious package. As the story progresses, readers discover that Robert, a man who is indebted to the owner of this package, has found himself with an opportunity to steal the package from Rico and Jerry. Once Robert successfully escapes with the package, he quickly embarks on a trip to Honolulu, masked as a second honeymoon with his soon-to-be ex-wife. In an adventure of each party attempting to outmaneuver the other, readers are brought along for the journey of lost loves, extramarital affairs, murder, revenge, and greed. In a novel with as much action as love, it is sure to be a story that will fulfill the desires of readers of all ages, genders, and areas of interest.

Ed Duncan’s novel is one with a variety of characters and a plot line with just as many twists and turns. With so many characters within one novel, it is oftentimes difficult to distinguish the characters from each other, and to create stories that both interweave enough to maintain a flowing story, yet maintain enough of a distance from each other to separate themselves as a stand-alone story. In Pigeon Blood Red, Duncan successfully creates stories of each of these characters that are both independent of one another but still interwoven, but seems to somewhat struggle with creating characters that have vastly different voices from each other. Each of the women in the story tended to blend together in personality and voice, as well as the men in the story. Though the men had different backgrounds and motives for each character in theory, the voices that were created for each seemed indistinguishable from one another. When each of the men spoke or acted, their intentions, words, speech, diction, etc. were written as similar to each of the other men in the novel. The plot line of the novel, however, was one that was interesting and detailed, and was able to maintain an attention-grabbing story throughout. This was also true of the story that followed the necklace itself, as the number of characters and their histories and backgrounds blended together in a tale that was reminiscent of those such as Love Actually, for instance. For a story with such a number of elements involved, the tale that was created was one that was both interesting and worth a read.

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