Pilgrim by Bobbi Schlosser

four stars

51RR+qkrXcL._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_An illustrated book for children about a young kitten found on the side of the road, Pilgrim, written and illustrated by Bobbi Schlosser is an endearing true story. The book begins with two ladies driving when they discover a kitten on the edge of the highway with a soup can stuck on its head. They stop to help it and decide to bring it to work with them. Since it’s only a few days before Thanksgiving, they decide to name the cute black and white kitten Pilgrim. One of the ladies decides to keep Pilgrim and takes him home, giving him a nice bath to clean him up. After eating some tasty cat food Pilgrim falls asleep, only to be woken up by a dog named Lucy. Lucy questions why Pilgrim is in her house, and slowly accepts the fact that the kitten will be her new companion. She also explains to Pilgrim how he got his name, and why we celebrate Thanksgiving every year. In the end, the dog and the cat decide to be friends.

The illustrations in this book are extremely well done and bring the narrative to life. Each picture looks like a beautiful painting that really helps the story pop off of the page. The tale of how Pilgrim got his name and ended up living with the dog Lucy is a sweet one, and putting in the message about Thanksgiving for younger children is also a nice and somewhat unexpected touch. The pictures of the real animals the story is based off that are included at the end of the book is also something that young readers are sure to enjoy. All in all, this is a great book for kids who love animals, especially during the month of November.

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