Planet Woman by Anne Hodgson


Heart-warming and passionate, Anne Hodgson’s Planet Woman offers an intergalactic love affair with a poignant twist. As a resident of the planet Circe, Tethyn or “planet woman” lives an organized and fearless life while protecting the speaking being that is her home. With loving parents, a lively brother and devoted best friend, Tethyn prepares for the next chapter of life but finds her ideals disrupted when the First Peer of the esteemed Haute-Forêt family arrives to investigate the strange land. Despite their different backgrounds, Tethyn and Lewis discover they have magnetic chemistry and learn to appreciate each other’s peculiar ways. Only enemy invaders can disrupt their love, and a day of reckoning soon approaches.

Hodgson weaves together a passionate love affair in Planet Woman, and one can certainly root for poetic characters like Tethyn and Lewis Black. By addressing themes of women’s rights and family traditions, Hodgson allows her character to hope for a promising future while still acknowledging the truth of their current world. With a textured supporting cast and the fascinating world of Circe, Planet Woman flourishes with creation tales and an abundance of humor. While some readers may wish for longer battle sequences, Hodgson stays loyal to her light tone and produces a heroine willing to confront her fears – once she actually discovers the emotion. Planet Woman opens the mind with classical themes and futuristic flair.