Ples Balus by Pete Winston Brown

four stars

Ples Balus: One Man’s Struggle for Survival in New Guinea is an interesting tale and memoir about a man building a successful aviation company in a land that is quite young in its modern civilization. Author, Winston Brown, paints a colorful picture of struggle, achievement, violent attacks, astonishing healing, and weightiness of powerful, yet difficult decisions. Brown shares with the reader the main character, Hairy’s, experiences as he works his way through creating a highly successful aviation company, but he also shares Hairy’s wife’s perspective through diary like entries when Hairy ends up fighting for his life in the hospital. Hairy has achieved so much. However, he is unwittingly removed from his position of manager of the company and natives of the New Guinea town attacked him, which led to his battle to recover. Will he be able to recover? Who wanted him out of a powerful leadership role, and why did the natives launch such a violent attack on him?

Winston Brown offers you a slew of details as the story of Ples Balus moves back and forth from scenes that are apparently in the present to scenes that occurred previously. There are a large number of characters to keep track of if one wants to fully grasp the story line. With such an intricate story, the reader can relish the rich and undeniably, thought provoking experiences and goings-on in Ples Balus: One Man’s Struggle for Survival in New Guinea. We so often forget how challenging life really can be, but Brown shares what one man faced which opens the reader’s mind to the potential of deeper struggle than he or she may have imagined. Yet, those struggles can lead to even greater strength, higher achievement and happiness.