Poems by D.M. Dickson

‘Poems’ by D.M. Dickson is a collection of forty-four poems written in short lines, varying in tone but often focusing on the idea that one should never give up, regardless of the struggles we are forced to face. As Dickson states in the poem, ‘Phoebic,’ “I fight! Damnation fogs the eye. Flogs your flow. My will…streams up stream, I know…” These poems are filled with emotion and heartache, but they also reflect back upon the self, as they contemplate the different aspects of life we deal with during our separate journeys as human beings. Certain poems like ‘Larry’ and ‘Kats’ tell a story, stories that are most likely true account from the poet’s own life. The way the words are written within this collection leave a lot up to interpretation, but that is part of the joy taken out of them, as they are simple enough to make you wonder, all the while painting a certain picture in your mind as you delve deeply within the letters that they are made up of.

The juxtaposition between pieces offers a way to keep the reader on their toes, as the poem ‘So’ is mostly hopeful and includes details of a reunion, while the next poem that follows after it, ‘Shackle’ urges the reader to give it time and let things happen of their own accord even if things aren’t happening in the way they are wished to occur. As the collection goes on the work seems to reflect deeper meanings and a more refined writing style. It is not clear if the poems in the book were written chronologically or not, but as the narratives of the pieces ramp up towards the third quarter of the section, they become detailed and intricate. Nevertheless, the last three poems in the collection are some of the shortest, suggesting that perhaps the most poignant of poems don’t have to be the longest. ‘Poems’ by D.M. Dickson is a thoughtful collection of words, with variety, simplicity, and messages that matter.

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