Poetic Expressions for Life’s Journey by Nadine Auld Waite


poeticA collection of seventeen poems that focuses strongly on the theme of endurance, Nadine Auld Waite’s book Poetic Expressions for Life’s Journey promotes optimism even during the most difficult experiences in one’s life. The book is broken into five different sections which include: Endurance, Redemption, Fortitude, Motivation, and Triumph. The poems that fall under each of these sections encompass the theme of which they are a part of. As the poet states in the introduction of the book, she hopes that her poetry will “take the reader on a journey to self endurance through spirituality and finding the inner drive to overcome every and any obstacle.” The author is hoping to give inspiration to those who are depressed, suffering, or living in a constant state of gloominess. At the beginning of each different section there are colorful photos that depict the theme being discussed through the poetic voice. In between poems there are also short quotes that further contemplate the ideas Waite is sifting through.

While this collection is not overly long, the way that Waite has organized it and lengthened it by adding in quotes, photographs, and other anecdotes creates a complete feeling, as there is much to digest. There could certainly be more poems added in to the book, as the ideas that she writes about are complex ones that can be expanded upon. Nevertheless, the poetry that is included here does a good job of achieving what she sets out to do, and her message of inspiration is bound to appeal to those who are feeling lost or defeated.

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