Portrait of Woman in Ink: a Tattoo Storybook by Kelly Hitchcock


Kelly Hitchcock’s book, Portrait of Woman in Ink: a Tattoo Storybook, tells the tales of twelve women, all with meaningful stories behind their tattoos.  Each woman has her own section of the book, detailing her life before, during, and after her decision to tattoo her body.  Though each story varies from each other drastically, all of the women relate to one another – in more ways than one.  Some of the women were best friends, some were a single moment in another’s life, but all had an impact in some way.  Throughout the book, readers delve into the lives of the women, learning what makes each of them turn, what pushes them along, and what their tattoos truly mean.

Hitchcock’s stories create an emotional attachment to the individuals chronicled here, a clear eye into the soul and lives of each of these women.  Twelve real-life women inspired these stories by Hitchcock, and the realistic nature of the sections makes this an unsurprising fact.  Even so, as the stories progress, the sense of wonder of how all of these stories connect intensifies.  The women in the stories are powerful, strong, and independent, all with a tale behind how they became the women that they are, and how they are going to remain true to themselves and those they love.  Each of the tattoos are illustrated throughout the book by the original tattoo artist, which provides further insight into what each of the women were thinking and living during the time they had the artwork placed on their bodies.  The ability of one instance in another’s life to impact them for years to come is an important theme throughout the book, and one that resonates long after the stories are finished.

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