Pride of Love by Kevin Dwyer

Pride of Love by Kevin Dwyer is a powerful story about hope, love, and the importance of embracing your true identity. Jesse Coleman seems to be floating numbly through the life that he shares with his mom, but when he is brutally attacked and left for dead with the word FAG etched into his back, everything changes and many of his emotions finally rise to the surface. In order to cope with the devastating event and the subsequent acquittal of the suspected attackers, Jesse and his mom move to a new town and begin a fresh start. As Jesse goes through the process of grieving and coping, he meets Jaden and Liz, two individuals with their own painful secrets. Through these relationships Jesse begins to realize that he might not be as alone in his feelings as he once thought he was. Then, as Jaden and Jesse’s relationship becomes more intimate, Jesse begins to discover that love, and a pride in that love, may still be possible for him.

While Dwyer’s writing is choppy and fragmented at times, it is easy to feel the passion and purpose that he has brought to his novel. Jesse’s story of hope and new beginnings is one that can be appreciated by all. Dwyer’s message of acceptance is also extremely poignant– while we may live in the twenty-first century, this does not mean that racism, sexism, and stereotypes no longer exist. In fact, they are evils that must continue to be fought and spoken out against so that every individual can feel a pride in their identity.

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