Psychiatryst by B. Michael Fett

Psychiatryst by B. Michael Fett is a novel that is tangled in a web of lies, lust, deceit and murder that meanders its way throughout its 300 pages so quickly that the reader who decides to tackle this tale will be gasping for breath by the time the conclusion comes. The setting of the story takes place in Denver, Colorado where multiple murders start to pile up with similar grisly details. Enter Sonny Thompson, the lead investigator to the case, who doesn’t have much evidence to go by. This all changes when Dr. Laura Hartwig enters the scene, helping along his investigation as she adds her own secrets into the mix. Add in a good looking pilot named Donovan as the unusual suspect, who is involved with the death of young girl and his further ensuing escapades with a sexy stewardess by the name of Josie, and you have the components of this nail biting and engrossing thriller.

 What Fett does so well with this novel is create the kinds of characters that are hard to forget. The explanations that come are not based in the superficial, instead they are firmly rooted in reality as the demons of this book belong to the mental state of the people whose actions are described on the page. Anyone who reads this novel is bound to fall into the depths of the messed up minds of the characters who continue to make mistake after mistake. Secrets keep coming, and just when it seems all has been resolved and figured out, another revelation comes to light. Although the book does jump around quite a bit, the witty and dark tone of the story keeps the reader entertained. If you enjoy fast paced psychological thrillers with a touch of sensuality, then this is a fine choice for your next read.

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