Purgatory by Darryl Olsen

Purgatory: Soldiers of Misfortune by Darryl Olsen

When Harry Taylor wakes up in an unthinkable place that is unlike any other he has ever seen before, he is unaware that it is only just the beginning of his journey through a place filled with the kinds of horrors he had only dreamt of previously. The novel, Purgatory: Soldiers of Misfortune, by Darryl Olsen is a fantasy-tinged thriller that is mixed with philosophical themes, which play out continuously throughout the course of the novel. The purgatory that Harry is a part of is an ancient place where all the wrongs of the world have come together. This place is controlled by a merciless group of warriors called Leviathan, whose main goal is to capture and enslave the lost souls that reside there. In order for Harry to escape the clutches of these warriors, he has to form alliances with the other desperate souls that are also trapped in this hellish realm of nightmares.

The main reason that this novel is such an interesting story is because Olsen does a great job of leaving the reader wondering about what is actually going on as where purgatory actually is, or what it actually is, is a question that is left open-ended. The citizens of this so-called purgatory seem as if they are still living and breathing human beings, as they eat and bleed just like normal humans do. The main characters are all fully developed and believable, some are honorable, while others are despicable. There is mystery that surrounds not only the location of the tale, but also what is driving the characters to obtain their goals. Questions of morality, space, time, and what our lives truly mean all come together through the well written descriptions and dialogues that keep coming page after page in the first book of this inventive and thought provoking series that Olsen has created.

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