Purgatory’s Full by The Gemini Rising


purgPurgatory’s Full: A Song, A Dream or A Cold Hard Reality in Thirty-Six Parts written by The Gemini Rising Rockin’ Machine is a one of a kind book that follows the character Kayden Hart after his death. Kayden finds himself trapped in purgatory, the last half dead human with a soul to be allowed to enter. Now that purgatory is full, only one more purgatorian will be granted their wings and be allowed to ascend to Heaven. Chaos ensues as everyone wants to be that one special soul to escape the disorder of purgatory. As we follow along with Kayden on his journey to leave purgatory, he goes through all different kinds of pain and emotions, even though he is no longer living he still feels as if he is alive. Memorable and terrifying characters such as a Hell Witch with a mouth full of purgatorian eating teeth, as well as the Devil himself make an appearance. This book is dark and philosophical in its nature, and uses a playful enticing manner to tell a story about what a nightmare scenario for the afterlife could really be like.

While this novel is plenty inventive and engaging, the overall format of the novel is lacking. The text is organized in long paragraphs that run on for too long, and there is barely any dialogue present. When dialogue does show up, it is not formatted correctly. The author uses songs/reprises to deliver emotions and further comment on the situations going on in the book throughout the story, which while at times are powerful, seem to slow down the overall pace. We also felt as if we did not get to know Kayden as a character as well as we wanted to. With further editing and a restructuring of the setup, this book could greatly improve, as the heart of the story and its ideas are its strongest part, and could shine further if better organized.

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