Qi Infused Yoga by Brenda Schnable


A great guide that can help both beginners and experts at practicing yoga, Brenda Schnable’s Qi Infused Yoga is a straight-forward and enlightening self-help book. By combining two ancient practices into one, Qi Infused Yoga creates an innovative mind and body experience. Qigong movements are coupled with yoga asanas that results in a singular flowing practice that is sure to benefit anyone who performs these techniques. The kind of yoga that Schnable describes in this book can be practiced by anyone, but she claims that it is especially good for older adults. By reading this book you will learn how to harness your inner power, detoxify your body, increase your energy, and improve your focus. Through the tables, lists, sections of textual information, and pictures of yoga positions presented here, the reader is able to follow these kinds of practices, and learn quickly how to perform them on their own without the help of the book. Even though the book contains a great deal of content to digest, Schnable has organized her book in a way that is easy to follow.

Just like her other book about yoga, Access Your Inner Power, this book, Qi Infused Yoga, is very well executed, by offering up pages that fit both form and function. The abundance of pictures of Schnable actually performing the yoga positions is a true highlight, as they are sure to be helpful to anyone who is aiming to capture the practices she writes about. Not only are there pictures about these positions, but the book also contains explanations and steps on how to perform the poses in the way they are meant to be. The cover design of the book is also exceptionally well done, by representing both a calming and intriguing image that makes the reader want to explore the kinds of yoga practices that Schnable does so well explaining inside these pages.

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