Rangers of the Wilderness by William T. Klaus

Rangers of the Wilderness by William T. Klaus

four stars

On a planet similar to Earth, there is a culture of people who seemingly stopped evolving industrially.  Yet, living like humankind did during the middle ages seems to make them happy.  In Rangers of the Wilderness, the reader will discover a plot that is focused on a secret society of guardians for the country.  These protectors were called rangers, but after many years of protecting the lands the rangers were destroyed by their own government.  The few surviving rangers made the decision to reform by creating a secret school and recruiting orphans to become their students and rangers-in-training.  Secrets abound within the grounds of the ranger school though.  There seems to only be a handful of young trainees, but is that really the case?  Are there others?  What secret society within the woods surrounding the grounds have the top rangers promised to protect?  To top it off, one of the original students has gone missing and no one knows what happened to him.  Will the reader find out in the end?

Author, William T. Klaus, writes an interesting tale filled with youthfulness that focuses primarily around young male adulthood.  For the most part, the other world in Rangers of the Wilderness appears to be strikingly similar to the planet Earth.  Yet, the author suggests fairly early on in the story that there are other beasts in existence – beasts that might not be like creatures on Earth.  Klaus knows how to peak the reader’s interest with a plethora of intriguing possibilities from the secret school, to dwarves, to missing students, to potential wild beasts and beyond.  One drawback of this book, however, is that there are numerous grammatical errors.  These can make the writing confusing at times.  Nevertheless, the plot is colorful and easy to follow; therefore, the reader can easily be captivated and ready to turn the page.

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