Ravens Awakening by Ella J. Phoenix

Raven’s Awakening by Ella J. Phoenix

In order to move forward, one must come to terms with his or her past. For most of us, that “past” is a few years, maybe a few decades, behind us – but for the characters in ‘Raven’s Awakening’ by Ella J. Phoenix the “past” stretches back much further than that. ‘Raven’s Awakening’ finds a young woman named Chloe working at the famed Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. She’s good-looking, hard-working, and intelligent, and mostly just goes with the flow. But the flow is interrupted when she comes across a pre-Columbian Native American relic during the course of her work. The curiously inscribed totem stone awakens something powerful in her, which invokes memories of her childhood imaginary friend and recalls the pervasive dreams she’s had since youth. Enlivened like never before, Chloe sets out on a mission to find the relic’s birthplace and figure out how it is related to her. Her mission takes her to Hot Springs, Arkansas, where she crosses paths with Mason Green, a handsome Native American antiques dealer from New York. Mason is in Hot Springs investigating a suspicious client, but no sooner than he meets Chloe, he is pulled into her search. There’s something strange about this stranger, however, and Chloe is ensnared – and she’s not the only one. As the pair hunts out the relic’s source, they too are being hunted and are in for many surprises ahead.

‘Raven’s Awakening’ carries readers through the ancient past and modern times, across the nation’s most sacred lands and contemporary hallmarks, to explore spirituality, sensuality, redemption, and growth. Combining elements of action, adventure, romance, mystery, and lore, this fast-paced thrill ride is full of shocking twists, turns, and discoveries, both of the physical and metaphysical ilk. Rich with references to Native American history and culture, it’s a very sincere work, though also quite sexy…to say the least. The hot and heavy sex scenes are graphically told, but sure enough, for good cause – they too speak to the central themes of this novel and, in most instances, demonstrate how two souls can be delicately intertwined.

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