Realm of the Unknown by James McPike

Realm of the Unknown by James McPike is an intense thriller, laced with mystery and biblical intrigue, reminiscent of the works of author Dan Brown. When a crowd of people in Israel is unexplainably killed, Vince Ramsey is called in to investigate. Many people are convinced that a supernatural force has caused the deaths, which leads Ramsey onto a quest to find the answers. In a short time he stumbles across an ancient artifact, which might contain the answers he is looking for. After meeting historical specialist April Fulton, the two decide to journey on together, to try and find out what is really going on, as they are traced and hunted by deadly assassins every step of the way. Hoping to solve the riddle and come out with their lives, they race to uncover the truth, finally coming face to face with an unknown and unbelievable evil that has previously only ever been spoken about in the Book of Revelation.

This novel combines the elements of a thriller, historical fiction, and mystery, all the while sprinkling biblical references and theories throughout. The clues to the conclusion are littered throughout the story, offering tidbits of information to the reader to absorb as they continue to flip through the fast paced pages. This narrative is a joy to read, and the characters of Vince and April have great chemistry together that is explored fully by McPike. The rollercoaster moments of the book keep coming, and although the ending is somewhat of a surprise, it did feel a bit abrupt in its timing. However, overall, this is a well thought out tale that will make the reader asking for more. This could definitely be the start of a very exciting new thriller series.

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