Reason to Hope by Amanda Peter

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 6.38.48 PMReason to Hope is the true story of Amanda Peter who with each step of her lifelong spiritual journey grew in faith and strength. Growing up in South Africa, she writes how each moment of her life would lead her to the present- married happily in London. Despite having a bright future in South Africa with her first love, she decided to forsake the freedoms and pleasures we all take for granted and don the hood in order to become a nun in the Catholic Church. This experience would take her all over the world, from Italy to New Jersey, and expose her to the lives of saints, esoteric religious texts, and a deep understanding of the Catholic faith. After years in the church, she would work closely with Mother Theresa, and it would affect her life greatly.

Emotional, thoughtful, and spiritually enlightening, Reason to Hope shows the moments of Amanda’s life with honesty and openness. Each chapter presents how her faith expanded from infantile fantasies of sainthood to maturity and inner peace. While the memoir format lacks a certain narrative arc with clear rising and falling actions, the details and images are far from lacking. Amanda Peter manages to show her life without glamorizing her struggles, humbly showing the reader what and why she believes even all these years later. This book is perfect for those who are curious about faith, Catholicism, the convent, or even just a different side of life that is rarely portrayed in our modern era. Its call for hope is an inspiration for all.