Remote Control by Chris McGrath


A fascinating tale of ancient secrets, murder, former spies, and modern day archaeological discoveries, Remote Control, wraps its intriguing story line around you from the first few pages.  Author Chris McGrath sets the stage by putting the characters in modern day Jerusalem.  However, the plot is intricately interwoven with ancient times – specifically the time of Jesus and his crucifixion.  The two main characters, Sean McKenna and Dr. Faith Foley, are unwillingly pulled into a deep mess involving writings about Jesus that have never been noted, accepted or published previously.  McGrath leads the reader on a journey of secret information that claims Jesus married Mary Magdalene and even gave birth to his child.  To maintain peace government officials stop at little to keep these deep and powerful secrets hidden.

Chris McGrath’s Remote Control is a page-turner – hands down.  From one minute to the next the reader will want to know just what is going to become of Dr. Foley and Sean McKenna.  Of course, the reader will also want to know the secrets that McKenna seems to have surrounding his past.  Are they dark secrets?  Or, something he just has to keep quiet?  McGrath writes in such a way that you are able to get a good sense of McKenna and Foley’s personalities right from the first chapter.  When they are attempting to escape the “watcher” after seeing a man they know murdered, they still continue to crack jokes and share sexual innuendos with one another.  As the plot develops, the reader will question whether their humor and affection for one another will sustain them in the midst of such a dangerous religious battle to keep secrets hidden.

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