Retaining Blue by Lacy Sorrells

Erika has always felt like an outsider. Even though the Northern Woods Pack is full of kind-hearted wolves, she was too gentle, even for them. So when Blizzard (the Alpha female) chooses Erika as her successor, there are those who doubt her worthiness, but nowhere is this felt more keenly than in Erika’s heart and mind. Alexis has always hated Erika. She felt Blizzard favored Erika more than she cared for her, even though they were family. So when Erika is chosen as the next Alpha, Alexis sees it as the last betrayal; that position should have been hers by right. Full of hatred, rage, and Dark Magic, she makes her way to the territory of the Southern Blood Pack with only one thing on her mind…revenge. The Southern Blood Pack is full of violence and meanness. Led by a black wolf called Victor, they want nothing more than total dominance over the entire forest. With Alexis by his side, Victor makes plans to finally achieve his goals.

Retaining Blue takes the story of magic and brings a fresh new spin on it. Simply by making the main characters wolves, Lacy Sorrell has taken her narrative to a new level. Written with maturity beyond her fourteen years, Sorrell has created an original and exciting world for readers of all ages. The story flows along naturally, with details and descriptions that paint a picture in your mind as you read. Sorrell also writes a complete story- there are no loose ends or confusion at any point in the book. The ending is also very well written and feels like a true completion. Her characters are fully and perfectly developed; you forget that they are fictional (and wolves) and find yourself completely absorbed in them and their well-being. You become invested in them. When they hurt, you hurt. When they’re happy, you’re happy. You truly feel the emotion in Sorrell’s writing and her characters.

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