Retribution by Mike Worley

In his first Angela Masters Detective novel, entitled ‘Retribution,’ author Mike Worley constructs a thrilling tale about how very wrong marriage can go when the husband is a selfish, money-obsessed psychopath. The narrative explores the acts of Butch Agenbroad, a guy who has been in trouble for as long as he can remember. He uses his smooth talking skills to find lonely rich women, sweeping them off their feet until they agree to marry him. Once the union has been sealed, he takes control of their finances, and before long, he’s gone, with every penny the woman has ever made. This all changes when he meets and marries Sharon, as she is not as easily walked upon as Butch’s other conquests have been. When she later divorces Butch, he leaves in a fury, seeking vengeance. And eventually, years later, he does, as he returns to murder Sharon and kidnap her children. And so the murder case begins, as Detective Angela Masters is assigned to the cause, following the trail of a cruel man, hoping to bring him to justice, hoping to fin the young girls he’s kidnapped, and bring them back to safety, alive.

Worley succeeds at creating a realistic crime thriller, as the crime itself and the case that follows are both depicted in a fully conceivable and realistic way. The difficulties the police have in finding the criminal and bringing him to justice are explored upon the page, as the reader can’t help but wonder how all of the pieces are going to come together. There are many twists and turns contained within the pages of this fast paced narrative, which causes the reader to continue reading with haste. Angela Masters is a strong female character with drive, grit, and tenacity. She is both relatable and the kind of character that you want to see succeed. In the end, this engaging novel concludes in a way that will satisfy the reader’s wishes, wrapping up an overall well-executed thriller.

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