Revolt! by Jeanette E. Alsheimer and Patricia J. Friedle

revolt-jeanette-e-alsheimer-paperback-cover-artDeirdre Foster isn’t the least bit afraid of danger.  Both empathetic and brave, Deirdre is determined to help out her ailing neighbors in Boston after the British land on American soil, the tension – and hunger – escalating with each passing day.  Sneaking food to people in need, Deirdre has already placed herself in harm’s way, but she must also confront severe opposition from family members and friends who would see her assume a less dangerous role in the rebellion – say, sewing sweaters for the militia.  Her lifelong friend, David Tremont, also seeks to aid the rebellion, but he perhaps has other motives as well in seeking Deirdre’s company.  Could he be wanting to take their relationship to a new level?  And how exactly can one be expected to pursue romance when bombs and guns light up the night?  Set in the few crucial years leading up to the American Revolutionary War, Revolt! shows how even the slightest actions, whether noble or otherwise, can tip the scales and win a war.

Revolt! is a welcome addition to the annals of historical fiction, infusing a well-documented event in American history with energy and creative vision.  With this third book in their trilogy, Alsheimer and Friedle have turned up the heat on their protagonists, lending heightened drama (and passion), while also fueling a fast-paced and entertaining narrative.  This series has done for the American Revolution what Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean did for the early period of transatlantic expansion, though, admittedly, here a greater effort has been made to keep the characters and events in line with their historical context.  If you are new to the series, we recommend starting with the first two books: The Trouble with Tea and Path to Punishment.  You won’t find a more original or informative series on today’s bookshelves.

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