Revolutionary Powercycles by Giacomo Fasano


powerPart self-help book, part diet and exercise guide, and part memoir, Revolutionary Powercycles: The Remix by Giacomo Fasano explains how important it is to sweat while exercising to remove harmful toxins from your body. Through his exercise regimen that he has named ‘Powercycle68’ the author explains how the readers can improve their overall health and state of mind. The book is rather long, and pulls inspiration from the actual exercises that Fasano describes, helpful diet and health tips, plus anecdotes and vignettes from the author’s own life to inspire the reader to take control of their well being and live a better life. Spirituality and faith in God also plays a part in the book, as the author finds inspiration from the Lord in order to be the best version of himself.

While this book certainly contains a great deal of helpful information and the author is clearly very passionate about his unique ideas on health and fitness, at nearly six hundred pages it can often times be a lot to digest. The organization of the book seems haphazard, as diet tips, exercise routines, and personal stories are scattered throughout in seemingly random intervals. The images included keep the book interesting, but the capitalization and bolding of certain sections tends to become distracting and takes away from the overall message. This book could be improved by further organization, perhaps even separating the different topics into more clear sections, or just editing down the content to the bare essentials, so that the reader does not get overwhelmed or lost when trying to understand the helpful information Fasano is trying to teach them.

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