Rex: Paired (Part One) by Renee Phoenix

reneersz_four-starsIvania has experienced the sort of suffering that few high school girls should have to live through. However, life resumes miles away from the tragedy stemming three years before. Her solace and comfort now are found through her walking paths, riddled amongst her new adopted home. Her desires; to find escape from the torment of her past. Yet the comforts of her walking-paths open to a new escape, one that leads to a realm where the loss of her past is filled anew, all from one single kiss. Ivania wakes in a world where her known reality, is left on the walking path. Lion’s become abundant, personal features become skewed, wolfs threaten in numbers and what a life once took is repaid in full.

True to its Latin translation, Rex: Paired Part One by Renee Phoenix edited by Kali Maddox, is destined to be at the top of sci-fi hierarchy. Writing about such a personal and tragic loss then giving it a twist, all in an epic short form novella, is hard to accomplish. However, in this case Renee Phoenix does just that. As short stories go this works brilliantly, personal-loss coupled with science fiction genius, vengeful royalty and mental bonds, stem what will be a stalking-good read. Science fiction is stronger as a genre when stories like this one are added into the mix. Giving life to a tried and tried again failure of human-animal adaptations, Renee Phoenix delivers a solid performance to the idea and destroys the former stereotypical genre. Readers will be looking forward to the further installations of Rex.

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