Ricky the Rambunctious Raccoon by Janice Spina

Ricky the Rambunctious Raccoon written by Janice Spina and illustrated by John Spina is the story of a young troublesome raccoon named Ricky who often gets in to trouble during the dark of night. He decides to adventure off away from his mother, and as he goes along his way, he finds a skunk trotting about underneath the moonlight. He aims to befriend the skunk, but it isn’t long before the creature blasts him with a fowl smelling stench, thereby chasing Ricky away. Ricky begins to wonder if leaving the safety of his home was a good idea after all. Soon after his run in with the skunk, an owl tries to attack him, and he barely escapes, jumping into a pool beneath a waterfall for safety. After this second run in, Ricky decides its best for him to return home to his mother.

The rhyming scheme of this narrative is sure to be a hit with children, as the words flow into one another, creating a tale that is easy and fun to read. Ricky’s adventures, although they are brief, offer up a memorable story that kids are bound to enjoy. As the book suggests, it is not always safe out there in the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s not okay to try your luck at having an adventure. The dark pages with white text are a nice touch for a story that is told from the perspective of romping about in the night, and the illustrations help to accentuate the narrative. All in all, this is a pleasant short tale that children are sure to like.

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