Rise of the Iron Eagle by Roy A. Teel Jr.


Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 1.17.26 PMRise of the Iron Eagle written by Roy A. Teel Jr. is a gripping tale that will make your heart pound with terror while your stomach clenches and somersaults. It is not a story for the faint of heart. As most people would tend to agree serial killers are twisted in the mind and their black hearts pump ice cold blood through their veins. The Iron Eagle is such a serial killer, but he is even more of a psychological mystery as the vast majority of his victims are fellow serial killers. He seems to find these horrific killers before the police or FBI can locate them. Then, he kidnaps, tortures, and kills them. To kick off the story he kidnaps a private detective and former U.S. Marshall who has gone out with the intent of killing Iron Eagle, but he fails. In fact, there are some very deep dark secrets about this man that Iron Eagle knows about and used to justify what he did to this detective. Brace yourself for horrific scenes as you turn page after page trying to discover not only who the Iron Eagle is, but the secrets that he seems to have an uncanny ability to discover what others can’t. What will become of the Iron Eagle? Will law enforcement stop him before he kills another killer?

Hold on to the edge of your seat because Roy A. Teel Jr. will take you on a exceptionally graphic and gruesome ride in Rise of the Iron Eagle. With scenes incorporating bodily mutilation, sexual perversion, and heavy foul language, this is a suspense thriller that seems like it came from the fiery pits of Hell. Teel does a good job of pulling you into the story, but his writing style can be a bit confusing at times because you aren’t sure exactly who is speaking. This makes you go back and reread conversations to follow the flow. Other times, you may find yourself rereading a section because it seems too shocking to be possible. If you are brave enough, then dive into the sheer terror and bloody horror that awaits you and the victims of the Rise of the Iron Eagle.

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