Rites of Azathoth by Frank Cavallo

four stars

ritesDiana Mancuso is retired from dangerous field work and is mostly teaching for the Behavioral Sciences Department at Quantico. At first glance, her life might seem a little unfulfilling, maybe even boring, but sometimes a break from the action is just what the doctor ordered. However, when Luther Vayne, a murderer convicted of thirteen double homicides, escapes his prison cell and brutally murders a friend of the Assistant Director of the F.B.I., Diana’s retirement from the field reaches a quick end. Carter Shaw unwittingly joins the plot when a mysterious employer offers him a large sum of money to help him translate cuneiform on an artifact so old that it should not even exist. As worlds collide the fight against evil becomes murky and it is hard to tell whose side is the right one to be on. Rites of Azathoth by Frank Cavallo is more exciting than the average archaeological find, keeping you guessing until the very last page.

Rites of Azathoth is reminiscent of Stephen King, with a world which at first glance appears very much like the one we live in, but under the surface is filled with magical fights of good against evil. Cavallo’s writing is detailed and intricate, with descriptions that could be easily translated from the pages of a novel to the big screen. While there is not much character development and one is left with many questions about characters’ pasts and futures, one becomes invested in the plot enough to keep rooting for the good guy, whoever that may be. Rites of Azathoth is a page turner that will leave you hoping for a sequel.

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