River of Scorpions by Keith Reiss

River of Scorpions by Keith W. Reiss

Keith Reiss returns with another rollercoaster of a novel, ‘River of Scorpions,’ which serves as an indirect sequel to ‘The Gemini Conspiracy.’ Ginny Blaine and Glen Cannon, having barely survived the treacherous events of ‘Gemini, ’ are back again in this intelligent tale about a troubled America and the corporate behemoth, ARLNAT, that threatens to put millions of our country’s elderly into an early grave.  Using nothing but cool wits and seduction, the pair takes on an array of foes that seem to come at them from all angles, trying to hamstring their investigation into ARLNAT’s dubious underpinnings.  The stakes are high for Ginny and Glen as they shine a light into the shadowy corners of corporate corruption on a journey that will take the pair further from home and deeper into enemy territory than they have ever been before.

Showcasing a great deal of Reiss’s formidable literary talent, ‘Scorpions’ also contains a few new surprises, like the handsome conman, Eddy Logan, who helps Ginny navigate her way through a nest of traps and enemies.  Readers will also get a taste of new locales and cultures – principally the colorful lands and peoples of Belize – with descriptions so vivid and skillfully crafted that Reiss’s workmanship really shines through.  And, while a prior reading of ‘The Gemini Conspiracy’ isn’t strictly necessary before diving into ‘River of Scorpions,’ I recommend it, if only so that readers can have a chance to savor Reiss’s work in its entirety. Like the river this novel takes its name from, ‘Scorpions’ is swift and utterly gripping.  This is one journey that will leave you breathless.

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