Rose Wood by Sharon Mikeworth


In Sharon Mikeworth’s novel, Rose Wood, we meet protagonist and somewhat-skeptic Aileen as she works as a journalist for the magazine Southern Aurora. Aileen is known for writing her columns on the paranormal activity in her Georgia and South Carolina surroundings, often attempting to report facts and only facts. Without presenting her own beliefs on these supposed “hauntings,” Aileen simply wants her readers to make judgments for themselves. Aileen herself barely believes in the apparitions, until one day everything changes – with the strike of lightning during an unexpected storm, Aileen suddenly finds herself connecting with the dead: smelling, hearing, dreaming, and seeing the ghosts of the other side. With the visions of a mysterious young girl ever-present, Aileen decides to investigate the meaning behind them, delving deep into the history of Rose Wood. With the help of friends, colleagues, and her new love interested Todd, Aileen soon uncovers the history of the plagued household, the family that once resided there, and the man that still remains.

In a way that only some writers are able to accomplish, Sharon Mikeworth manages to create a legitimately spine-chilling story through her tale of Aileen and the hauntings of the Rose Wood Plantation. When taking a break from continuously turning the pages of this novel, the mind of the reader is surely churning, attempting to put together the history of the family, right along with Aileen. The narration and thoughts of Aileen are those that most individuals would share in similar situations, and the development of both the storyline and the characters are not only believable, but truly enthralling. The novel never slows or lulls, nor does it move too quickly to keep track of its progression. As an author that understands the mind of the reader, Sharon Mikeworth has created another hit in her growing list of accomplishments.

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