Sacrifice by John Blenkush


sacIn the continuing saga of Julissa Grant and Aaron Delmon, sixteen-year-old Julissa learns from Officer Scheeler that Louk Hollingsworth has been murdered, and that he is certain Aaron is responsible for Louk’s death. While tension builds with others feeling the same negativity toward Aaron, Julissa learns more about Aaron and his ties with the ancient Lemurians as they draw nearer one to another. When Julissa finds out that she’ll be leaving California and moving back home to Minnesota, she knows it’s time to climb the treacherous Mt. Shasta with Aaron—but at what cost, especially when they’re hit with a whiteout?

John J Blenkush pens an engaging story of sorrow, courage, and learning how to love by overcoming fear in the second book of his Solstice Series. The author of the critically acclaimed thrillers, Reddition and Stacy’s Story, Blenkush’s first person narrative features a young woman (Julissa) who is desperately trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life after the disappearance of her father on Mt. Hood. Amid hardship, Blenkush tightly weaves Julissa and Aaron’s slow-building relation within an engaging plot. Replete with a well-developed quasi-dystopian cast, Blenkush manages to throw in light-hearted moments, such as Julissa’s snarky attitude toward Officer Scheeler’s nagging investigative questions, and Julissa’s friendship with her sex-driven neighbor, Cherrie. Of course of key interest—aside of Julissa and Aaron’s budding romance, Blenkush spends a great deal of time incorporating within his plot historical information about the mysticism behind Mt. Shasta, the lost city of Telos, Mu (the cradle of mankind), and the Lemurians’ connection with another lost city: Atlantis. Blenkush keeps his story constantly flowing by combining all of the above-mentioned literary elements, as well as including un-hackneyed scenarios and cliff-hanging chapter endings. Earmarked to be a five-book epic tale, the Solstice Series offers fantasy romance aficionados a unique and unforgettable storyline.

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